Periscope Pictures is a Canadian production company, based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Founded by show runner Cheryl Wagner, the creator of The Big Comfy Couch, and writer/director/producer Harmony Wagner in 2010, Periscope Picture creates original screen-based entertainment for a global audience.

With Jason Rogerson joining the team, Periscope Pictures has produced web series, films, and music video as well as commercials and corporate videos for other companies.


When self-centred feline, Furball, faces losing his owner's attention, he takes matters into his own paws and learns that, while relationships may change, the love remains, no matter what the species. A Film 4Ward production.


Dissatisfied with her options in the world of striving, a young deaf woman, Iris, decides to give up on yearning to connect. Everything is going just fine until she meets a precocious musician named Celeste. A 1K Wave Atlantic recipient and the second feature film from Harmony Wagner.


A clip from Periscope Pictures' award winning short film, Queen of the Crows.  Written and directed by Harmony Wagner.  Starring Kristen Thompson, Kelly Caseley, Melissa Mullen, and Harmony Wagner.  Produced by Jason Rogerson.

A recipient of the CBC PEI 3-2-1 Award, the film played at several Canadian festivals, including the CBC Shorts Gala at the Atlantic Film Festival, was broadcast on CBC-TV's Short Film Face Off, and went to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival as part of Telefilm Canada's Not Short On Talent program.


We have the truth. Now how do we reconcile? Director Harmony Wagner and producer Jason Rogerson of Periscope Pictures have documented a small community in Prince Edward Island taking steps along the road to reconciliation.


Trailer for Bunny Bop! A pre-school series from Periscope Pictures. Created by Cheryl Wagner, creator of The Big Comfy Couch. Nominated for Best International Pilot in the Children's and Youth category at the Banff World Media Festival.


This 11 minute comedy follows the insanity after an office lotto pool hits the jackpot.  The celebration turns ugly when Wayne, who missed out on contributing to the lottery for the first time, demands his cut.  The co-workers learn the consequences of treating a fellow human being like a number.  

Recipient of the inaugural CBC PEI 3-2-1 Award.  Written and directed by Jason Rogerson.  Produced by Harmony Wagner.  Starring Rob MacDonald, Graham Putnam, Dennis Trainor, Lennie MacPherson, Andrew Sprague, Linda Wigmore, Joy van der Vliet, Andrew Hercules, Robbin Ward, and Chris Carson.


Kooperman, a feature length film from Periscope Pictures. Written by Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson. Directed by Harmony Wagner. Produced by Jason Rogerson. A Telefilm Canada Micro-Budget Production Program recipient.


Music video for The Way We Do'er by Boxcar Dan and the Vagabond Strangers. Nominated for a Music PEI Music Video of the Year award. Directed and edited by Jason Rogerson. Shot by Adam Perry. Produced by Harmony Wagner