“Singing To Myself" Selected for Atlantic Film Festival

“Singing To Myself" Selected for Atlantic Film Festival

Debt. Underemployment. Awkward relationships.

Dissatisfied with her options in the world of striving, a young deaf woman, Iris, decides to give up on yearning to connect. Instead she floats along, working at a greenhouse, embracing her silent solitude and learning to be happy with less.



Periscope Pictures is pleased as punch to be the PEI recipient for the IPF’s Pilot Program to support web drama series for its preschool property BunnyBop!

This unique funding program was created to support the exploration and potential for high quality, story driven drama for web audiences.

The IPF Board of Directors approved 11 scripted drama series from a short list of 26 web series from production companies across the country.

BunnyBop! is the only preschool property to get this terrific funding from the IPF with participation from InnovationPEI